Lovely Awkward: A Year of Wine, Romance and Life Among the French

Lovely Awkward: A Year of Wine, Romance and Life Among the French

Thursday 10 June 2010

Title for the book ... Nice ideas welcome

As I've mentioned, I've been working on possible titles for the book and have so far come up with this:

Nissa la bella: risk and roundabouts in the South of France.

As with names for the professor and possible actors to play the professor if this story were made into a movie, and with my choice of dresses to wear to the airport when I first landed in Paris... I'm looking for input.

Thoughts on the title or suggestions are welcome, even if only to help me choose a favourite before a publisher tells me what would work better.

Nissa la Bella is this, which sounds like this.


  1. My one sister thought of something about a calculated risk or "romance in a rush."

  2. Karen MacGregor Labelle10 June 2010 at 13:41

    I really, really like, "The Year I Leaped". I think it's perfect.

  3. Really? I loved it... but a friend pointed out that "leaped" is hard for some people to read and spell. But maybe it isn't?

  4. Karen MacGregor Labelle10 June 2010 at 18:44

    I can't imagine it being hard for anyone to read or spell??? It would definitely stand out to me in a bookstore or online - and that's from someone who buys waaay too many books (already two today...damn my Kindle).

  5. I think it's the difference between "leaped" and "leapt." But you're right. That phrase says it all.

    You have a Kindle? Wow. I can see it being hard to limit your purchases if you don't even have to leave the house.