Lovely Awkward: A Year of Wine, Romance and Life Among the French

Lovely Awkward: A Year of Wine, Romance and Life Among the French

Thursday 9 May 2013


I've been very, very absent as a blogger since our baby began walking and running. He runs fast, which means he's very hard to catch while I'm sitting at a computer. I know this is common, but I still feel guilty. I've got so many things to post!

Rather than going back in time, for the moment, I'll go directly to our new project. Well, our old project/new project. We're going to trash the walls of our bathroom in the hopes of selling our apartment! Demolition starts tomorrow!

We had our apartment up for sale for several months, then didn't do anything with it while we were in Canada and the US, then put it up again, then forgot about it for a bit, then had a few offers that fell through for various reasons, and now we're putting in some effort again. It's an exhausting project -- well, it's exhausting my imagination. I'm happy taking risks, but that doesn't mean that my imagination doesn't want to plan ahead. This time, we're giving the sale a real BUY OUR APARTMENT NOW! push. We're focused. We're fired up. We've got drop sheets and new tile.

In French, they call this type of renovation a "re-looking" rather than a make-over. I love it. In a make over, you remake something, in a re-looking, you change the way you see it.

This is possibly how I see our new shower turning out -- not because it's my dream shower, but because I think it's the one that might make the most sense.

My brother, who does this kind of thing for work as a real job, will be helping us tomorrow. Well, he might end up doing all of the work, depending on how he feels about our skill levels. I'll post some before and after pics when we're done, then I'll move onto some other updates: the wild boar who is living near our house, our new love affair with sea fishing (regardless of whether we're good at it or not), and Nice from a toddler's point of view...

I guess I'm re-looking the blog, too? Phew!

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