Lovely Awkward: A Year of Wine, Romance and Life Among the French

Lovely Awkward: A Year of Wine, Romance and Life Among the French

Monday 10 September 2012

We're back! -- Oh, Champs-Elysées

We're back in Nice after many, many months in Canada, ready to figure out how life works for a little family in France. Our baby is now almost a little boy (in my mind at least), which hopefully means that I'll have a little more time on my hands to start blogging again. However, I'm going to start slowly so we can still spend a lot of our time outside.

The fall in Nice is my favourite time of year. The tourists start to leave, the beaches empty out a bit, and the sun starts to cool down a little in the middle of the day. The weather is still summery and beautiful and there are still flowers and ripe figs on the trees, but carrying a baby around just isn't as sweaty. At least, that's what I'm hoping.

To begin our rediscovery of France this fall, we've started with a new, baby-friendly soundtrack for the car. I threw in a little Raffi, and Sharon, Lois and Bram from my childhood (which has nothing to do with Nice or France) and the prof. went with some Joe Dassin. So far, we can't get enough of Les Champs-Élysées. Click on it. I swear it will make you happier.


  1. Thanks Kerry: I will try again and hope this time will work. The link also works! I love the song and it makes me think of the joy of Paris.

    Fall is my second favourite season (after winter). I'm sure Nice looks really beautiful in the fall. I myself will be heading to Quebec next month in serach of the fall foliage. I hope it will be as radiant as every year's.


  2. don't forget some anne murray & the hippo in the bathtub ;-)

  3. Carmen: Have a great time seeing the fall colours in Quebec. I miss those colours! Flowers still bloom here in the fall, which is nice, but it's not quite the same as the autumn hues of Quebec and Ontario.

  4. Wiamhey: Yes! You're so right. I'll get that one right now. My sister used to own that album and we knew EVERY word.

    The Beatles seem to be a huge hit, too -- as they were with us.

    So much stuff to remember!