Lovely Awkward: A Year of Wine, Romance and Life Among the French

Lovely Awkward: A Year of Wine, Romance and Life Among the French

Sunday 13 June 2010

Bicycling through France (a very small section)

We're trying out another mode of transportation today in the interest of health and fitness. We're about to ride our bicycles to the university and back.

If you can believe it, the last time we did this... I fell off. Yep, fell off the bike and sprained my groin. We were on the way to the lighthouse in Villefranche-sur-mer and I was about to tell the Professor whether or not I was planning to stay with him in France. I hadn't yet booked a flight back from Canada where, if I decided to stay with him, I was supposed to apply for a visa. And I was riding his bike, which is too high and made for a boy.

When I did get the visa and came back to Nice, there was a new scooter in the garage. So, I had a more high-powered vehicle for me to fall off. Thus, the bikes were relegated to hooks on the wall.

So, back on the bikes today. Back to health. Back to fitness. And, I'm hoping, eventually back home. I'm sure I can make it down the hill, but making it back up will be a challenge.

If pictures of downtown appear here in a few hours... well, we'll see.


  1. Good Luck! Hope you have a grand, and safe time.

  2. Thanks! The hills are so hard! But, I did it. I don't think I was ever trained on hills and crazy corners at home -- and there we have stop signs (which means the legs get a rest)!