Lovely Awkward: A Year of Wine, Romance and Life Among the French

Lovely Awkward: A Year of Wine, Romance and Life Among the French

Friday 22 January 2010

Final preparation for a lifetime of romance... really. Really?

I'm enjoying one last hit of chunky peanut butter with only three days to go. Unlike the French (I've been told), I don't have to dip my toast in coffee. So, I can have it with chunky peanut butter. Or, I could if I could find it in France... but since I haven't yet, I'm stocking up on the experience now.

My agenda today is really stupid:

Go to gym (and ask them to give me back the money they owe me. I was overcharged and need that money NOW!)
Go to shoe store (and return super high heels I bought yesterday in a bout of self doubt. I neither own shoes like that nor make such ridiculous purchases. But yesterday, I decided high heels would make my arrival at the airport more romantic. Am I an idiot? What's more romantic is comfortable feet and a good mood.)
Go through the letters (my great-grandmother's letters, mentioned in the post below)

I'm opening the letters now... will post some impressions as I go...


  1. You would never want to wear high heels on the plane!

    Will you be getting sick of peanut butter (like ever)?


  2. I've returned the shoes. And the peanut butter jar is empty. I won't wear heels on the plane, but I'm going out now to see if there are some that I should pack in my case.

    The Professor says I don't have to make an impression this time because he's already in love. But I still wouldn't mind having something to wear out on our first date.

    That said, is romance supposed to make you superficial? I started all of this with a hangover and running shoes and now I'm talking about dressing up for dates. Ridiculous.

    Once I buy these shoes, I'm going back to being a woman of substance and deep thought.